NJAC Kids Programs

Spring 2 Session NJAC Kids

For more information, please email Melissa Stumbaugh at mstumbaugh@njac.com!



Class Descriptions

Sport Fit: Children will learn the fundamentals of a variety of popular sports; including: soccer, basketball, football, and more! Each week the class will engage in skills and drills that will help improve your youngsters speed, coordination, and overall understanding of a variety of sports.


Superheroes: This class will have your child jumping, diving, and rolling their way to Superhero status! Kids will complete physical challenges designed to promote motor skills, balance, strength, speed, and agility. The class will also emphasize the importance of team-work, and help children gain self-confidence while engaging in ‘super’ games and activities each week.


Gymnastics: In our introductory gymnastics class, our experienced instructors will cover a variety of skills that will help increase your child’s balance, strength, and flexibility. From forward rolls to front walk-overs, your child is sure to love jumping around in our gymnastics class.


Yoga: Connecting the mind and body is important for all ages. Increased flexibility, strength, and focus are just a few of the many benefits of practicing yoga. Our experienced instructors bring the benefits of yoga to children through the use of fun and creative poses.


Kids Kickboxing: Throughout the session, our certified instructor will help your child understand basic kickboxing techniques. This kickboxing class will not only help kids strengthen their muscles and hearts; it will also teach body awareness, coordination, and balance while emphasizing the importance of safety.


Ninja Warrior: Challenge your child to build his or her strength, speed, and agility in this high-flying, action-packed class! Throughout the session children will be involved in various obstacle courses, games, and activities that will transform them into true ninjas.


Indoor Soccer: Keep your child’s soccer skills sharp in our indoor soccer class. Kids will learn passing shooting, dribbling, and trapping in an indoor setting with skilled instructors. This class is sure to improve participant’s endurance and precision on the field this spring.