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Who’s Who Wednesday

December 21, 2016


Meet Eileen Laird! This firecracker is a force to be reckoned with and we love having her as part of the NJAC family!

What is your position at NJAC?

Currently I am completing my internship at NJAC as part of my certification with W.I.T.S. (World Instructor Training School) which requires that students pass a written exam and a practical exam following the classroom instruction and then complete 30 hours of internship to give students more hands-on experience working as a Certified Personal Trainer. I will be joining NJAC very soon as a Personal Trainer. All the trainers have been very helpful to me and I appreciate that they and their clients allow me to shadow their sessions. It is a wonderful experience.

What inspired you to become a trainer?

Those who know me know that I am very passionate about fitness. I am a Nationally qualified NPC athlete and I have been competing since 2013 in Figure Masters Division. My husband, Tommy has inspired me to become a trainer. Not only has he lost and maintained a significant amount of weight, he received his certification last spring and encouraged me to get certified as well. Now we can both share our knowledge and appreciation of the health benefits provided by a fit lifestyle. This is especially important for those of us over 50 (I am 54). Fitness is something that we share as a couple and we feel is one of our secrets to a happy marriage.

What is your favorite thing to do at the gym?

In the early morning, I love doing my cardio on the Cybex Arc Trainer. I am usually part of the 5 a.m. crew. It starts your day strong! In the evenings, I love doing legs, we have so many machines to train legs plus you can usually see me doing my walking lunges. One of the assets of NJAC is that it is spread out so well you really have space to move around and get a great workout.

What is your favorite thing about training?

The feeling of strength and confidence that I received as a direct result of my training has been a great reward. What started out as a way to fight depression, osteoporosis and pre-diabetes has grown into a passion to share my zest for youthful living through a healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper nutrition. Encouraging others to find their zest is the best part of being a trainer.

What is one piece of advice you have for people trying to change their lifestyle?

The best advice I would give people trying to change their lifestyle is to have a plan to reach your goals and stay consistent. Even when I don’t feel 100% I still go to the gym and do my scheduled workout because I always feel better afterwards, my mood and my body benefit greatly from getting there and putting in the work. That’s where having a personal trainer is a wonderful investment and asset to your healthy lifestyle. They keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

I would also like to add that being a member of NJAC has meant so much to more to me than just a gym to workout in. It is a family of people that truly care about its members and I have seen it grow into the best fitness center in Mercer County. I am so grateful and excited to be counted as someone who can give back to others everything that being active has given to me. I look forward to meeting many more of you here at NJAC and hearing all about your goals.



Who’s Who Wednesday

December 14, 2016

BodyPump 100 is officially ONE MONTH away! To celebrate, this week’s Who’s Who Wednesday is one of our Body Pump Instructors, Penny Bardfeld!dpp_0029

What is your official title at NJAC? Group Fitness Instructor and Registered Dietitian

What classes do you teach here? Body Pump; Crunch Time.

What is your favorite thing about BodyPump? Can I say “EVERYTHING?!” I love that Body Pump is a one-hour workout in which participants can work every muscle group, with precise coaching and cueing while listening to great music among great people! Body Pump is for anybody at any level of fitness since we use barbells with adjustable weights. It doesn’t require much coordination since our feet are mainly planted to the ground! Also, since you can add weights as you get stronger, it is a great way to gain muscle and increase toning while objectively measuring your progress!

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone who has never tried BodyPump before? Let your instructor know you are a beginner; we will give you helpful advise. Also, if you can set up closer to the front of the room you will be able to see much better and model your instructor. Don’t worry about adding heavy weight the first few times; perfect your technique! Get to know your instructor; we love to coach and guide our members.

What do you do in your free time? I like to run and try various other gym classes such as Body Combat.

Fun fact: I have 3 sons, the oldest of which is graduating college this year! (When I started teaching body pump at NJAC he was in elementary school)!



Who’s Who Wednesday

November 30, 2016

205904566057fd13234e966Meet our Who’s Who Wednesday Spotlight of the week, Bianca Piccinetti!


Bianca is a Level 1 cheerleading coach at Jersey Wild. She also teaches the NJAC Kids 2-5 year old gymnastics class. Bianca is a preschool teacher and attends Rider University. In her free time, Bianca loves to spend time with family. She is CPR and first aid certified and loves working with kids!


Fun Fact: “I am obsessed with Ninja Turtles!”



Who’s Who Wednesday

November 23, 2016

This week’s Who’s Who Wednesday is Morgan Buehler!

Morgan works upstairs at Jersey Wild Cheerleading. She loves working with kids and is a great asset to the program.

22701804857e15fcd6d68cQ: When did you start cheering?

A: My mom and aunt were the founders of Pennsbury Falcons Cheerleading Association and my sister cheered. When I was just born, my mom brought me to all of the practices in my car seat so I guess I kind of started cheering when I was a few weeks old!


Q: What is your favorite thing about coaching?

A: I absolutely love coaching for many reasons! I love seeing each athlete grow each practice and work so hard. I can’t explain that feeling as a coach when you see an athlete hit a skill they have been working so hard on, it is so rewarding and makes me so proud and happy for them. Another thing I love is seeing everyone bond and becoming a big family throughout the season. It is funny to look back at the beginning of seasons when people were shy and everyone was still getting to know each other and then at the end of the season seeing how close everyone is. I also love coaching because I physically can’t cheer like I used to, so I love that I can help and spread my cheer knowledge to the athletes and help them push to be the best they can be.

Fun fact: Morgan is a Penn State cheerleader!


Who’s Who Wednesday

November 16, 2016

This week’s Who’s Who Wednesday Spotlight is Uma Kapoor!

dsc_7418-copyUma is a Dance Choreographer and Instructor with a background in management consulting, who is inspired by self-expression, empowerment and community.

At NJAC, she teaches Nachfit – a Bollywood Dance Workout for the past 3 years. Her inspiration for this workout is based on her vision to provide “fun fitness and freedom” through the medium of dance. She also teaches Free Style Bollywood dancing and her teams have won competitions and performed at public events. Trained in classical styles of Indian dancing, Uma’s passion for fusion led her to learn contemporary and folk styles that she incorporates in her dance. 

Uma has also been a teacher of Creative Theatre. She led the children’s theatre program at the Arts council of Princeton (ACP) where she now teaches dance and is on their panel of instructors. 

Educated from one of India’s top five business schools in MBA, Uma worked as a Management Consultant before going on her artist journey.  

Uma’s rule is “You only live once,” and she wants to spend her life dancing and have the whole world dance with her…



Who’s Who Wednesday

November 9, 2016

Kid’s Club Associates, Taylor and Micaela are this week’s Who’s Who Wednesday stars!


image1-3Taylor started working in the Kid’s Club this past August and Micaela this past May. They are both in college and love working at the NJAC Kid’s Club because it is so fun to hang out with the kids every week!


This best friend duo truly makes our Kid’s Club awesome and we are so lucky to have them here! What could be better than working with your best friend? Add in the cute kids and you’ve got yourself an awesome gig!

Fun fact: These girls have been best friends since third grade!

Remember, our Kid’s Club is a great place for your kids to hang out with our staff while you get your workout in!




Who’s Who Wednesday

November 2, 2016image

This week’s Who’s Who Wednesday spotlight is Carol Robinson!


Carol is a Certified Pilates Reformer Instructor and Fitness Instructor. She teaches kid’s yoga and the Barre Fit class on Monday at 9:30am!

Carol’s favorite thing about working at NJAC is sharing her passion for fitness with the amazing members. She also loves the opportunity to share the gifts of yoga and meditation with the little ones.

In her spare time, Carol enjoys partnering in a repurposing business with her beau, Kenneth, called Do Over Décor!

Carol’s certifications include Balanced Body Pilates Reformer Instructor, AAAI Mat Pilates Instructor, and Hatha Yoga Instructor.

Fun Fact: I have a beautiful 15 yr. old Daughter, Isis and I am a classically trained vocalist and voice coach.


Come try Carol’s Barre Fit class on Monday morning at 9:30! You won’t be disappointed and you’ll get an amazing workout!




Who’s Who Wednesday

October 26, 2016

fullsizerenderThis week’s Who’s Who Wednesday Spotlight is on personal trainer, Leidy Pinzon!

Before working at NJAC, Leidy worked in the administration department at Mercedes-Benz of Princeton. Her favorite parts of working at NJAC are her coworkers and meeting a new person every time she’s at work!

Leidy just started at NJAC a few weeks ago and is already making an impact! Right now, Leidy is offering free personal training sessions, so check out the personal training desk to sign up! Leidy also teaches our Brazilian HIIT classes, and you can sign up for a free demo at the front desk!

In her free time, Leidy likes to going hiking, going to the beach and trying new things.

Fun fact: “I’m currently in a Plant Based Culinary School, and I plan on writing a cook book in the near future! “




Who’s Who Wednesday

October 19, 2016

This week’s Who’s Who Wednesday Spotlight is Personal Training Director, Eddie Andrews!


Eddie trained at NJAC in the past for a year and then came back in a management role. He enjoys anything that involves physical activity: sports with friends, flag football leagues and men’s softball leagues. His main focus here at NJAC is to build and grow the PT Department as well as the HIIT program so that members can go above and beyond with reaching their goals!

Fun fact: “Me and my younger brother have produced music for over 4 years and have a studio in our basement.”






Who’s Who Wednesday

October 12, 2016

Today’s Who’s Who Spotlight is Director of Group Exercise, Jenny Stover!fullsizerender-2

Jenny has been at NJAC since 2005. She is in charge of the GX classes, Group Exercise special events, teaching classes and Group Exercise programs: Pilates Reformer, Flirtease Fitness and 30 Day Boost!

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband Anthony and her three boys Anthony Jr., Alexander and Austin. The Stovers are a very active family that spends a lot of time outside riding dirt bikes, playing sports and skiing. They’re always on the go!

Fun fact: “I am fluent in Swedish!”

You can catch Jenny teaching one of our many Group Exercise classes and at special events like this weekend’s Les Mills New Release!



Who’s Who Wednesday

October 5, 2016

Today’s Who’s Who Spotlight is Madison Owles!

fullsizerenderMadison works with both Youth Programs and Jersey Wild Cheerleading. She coaches gymnastics and the youngest team for cheer.

Madison has been involved with cheerleading for 9 years and loves working with kids. Her favorite thing about working at NJAC is watching kids gain new skills and seeing how happy they get! Confidence is key these days, and Madison loves being a part of building it!

Fun fact: “I love ceramics and making pots, plates and cups that I can eat and drink out of.”




Who’s Who Wednesday

September 28, 2016

Today’s Who’s Who Wednesday is Assistant General Manager, Kira!img_9553

Kira has been a part of NJAC since 2008. Her favorite thing about working here is the friendships she has made over the years with both members and staff.

Before Kira worked at NJAC, she worked at Lord & Taylor as part of a traveling team that opened new stores all over the country! She also trained new managers and was in charge of employee retention.

On her days off, Kira loves to spend time with her husband and three daughters! She enjoys hiking, going to the beach and being outdoors!

Fun fact: “I had tea with the Queen Of England when I was 12.”

Kira can be found at the front desk at NJAC and loves meeting members! Stop by and say hi!


Who’s Who Wednesday

September 21, 2016

fullsizerenderToday’s Who’s Who Wednesday Spotlight is Alexa Cohen! She’s our Social Media Marketing Coordinator. She has been at NJAC for 2 months and is also the Brand Manager for Jersey Wild All Stars.

In her free time, Alexa volunteers as a coach for Northampton Indians Cheerleading. She also enjoys shopping, going to the beach and hanging out at home.

Fun fact: “I am obsessed with everything Disney! If I could live in Disney World I would!”

Alexa can be found upstairs in the cheer gym working on her computer or coaching. Make sure to stop in and say hi!



Who’s Who Wednesday

September 14, 2016

Today’s Who’s Who Wednesday Spotlight is Youth Programs Director, Melissa Stumbaugh!WhosWhoMelissa

Melissa started off teaching group and private swim lessons at the gym for several years before becoming the youth programming director. She is very excited to take on her new position!

In her free time, Melissa is a true adventurer! She loves to go hiking, kayaking, and relaxing on the beach! 

Fun fact: “I used to work as an aquarium diver, where I dove with stingrays, sharks, various fish, and a 250 pound loggerhead sea turtle.”

Melissa is really excited to continue growing the youth programs at NJAC. She can be found at the pool teaching swim lessons, in the Kid’s Club helping out, or at the front desk, so make sure to stop in and say hi!